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Angel - All seasons Sculpture + Seasonal Tree Topper

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This beautiful one of a kind, metal sculpted, tree topper, was created by
Artist, Ceri Jones. Inspired to function both, as an annual holiday tree topper
and bring exquisite style and joy through all seasons, year after year, as a
unique stand alone Sculpture!

- Each Sculpture is individually designed and created by Artist, Ceri Jones
- 17 inch T x 13 inch W x 8 inch D
- Made from naturally patina and polished sheet steel.
- Each piece includes both styles of finished steel to bring stunning organic
- Plasma cut and hand manipulation to shape and all welded connections, for
the long haul. Creating a Working Art Legacy Sculpture, that will last for
generations to come
- The tradition of creating these tree toppers is now in it’s 3rd year and I’m
delighted to say these Angels have found themselves flying all over the world
to beautiful People, homes and places.

I started making one of a kind, Metal Tree Toppers and Ornaments 3 years ago,
to enable me to package up some of my Love and send to my Loved ones here in
the US and my closest relatives in my homeland, in Wales, UK. I think of this
type of Working Art as Zip drives, you know a way to store a condensed amount
of information in a tiny bit of space!

Once the pictures got out, I received many requests for more and for the past
2 years, the demand became so overwhelmingly strong, just from social media
friends and relatives, that I could only just keep up with demand, leaving no
time or stock to share elsewhere.

This year, thanks to a nudge from a good friend inquiring as to when they may
see some new Angels with some encouragement to start creating early, we can now
share here on Etsy and offer you the opportunity to have one of these previous
and divine beauties fly your way, in time for the Holidays!

While making these ideas tangible, I produce them in what I call flocks, so,
batch’s of between 6 and 10 at a time. So within one flock, there will be
similarities in the way I’m preparing and using material but will always be
Inspired to allow each one to unfold organically and uniquely through the
process of creating each individual and whole sculpture. At the end of each
flock, I’ll take pictures, share time with them observing and drinking in their
essence, take a rest and some time to process the ideas made tangible and then,
start all over again, using the last batch to launch a fresh and evolved form,
full of new techniques and ideas to try.

I absolutely adore the finished attitude of each piece and I trust beyond a
shadow of a doubt that each piece always finds its way to the person; I believe
I made it for! SO if that’s You, Hello! Many blessings to you and please, enjoy
receiving many years of Love and untold gifts unfold through the conductive
transfer of this one of a kind reflection, of You!

Much Love

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#Treetopper #Collectible #Ornament #oneofakind

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