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Birch Trees with Birds and Bird House-Tree Wall Decals Nature Wall Decals Bird Decals NBT

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Custom Color
2 Trees w Birds
3 Trees w Birds
4 Trees w Birds
5 Trees w Birds
2Trees No Bird/House
3Trees No Bird/House
4Trees No Bird/House
5Trees No Bird/House
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This birch tree decal is different than most of the other birch tree decals
available because rather than cutting holes in the decal to let your wall color
show through, our decal has all the birch tree characteristics printed on.

In addition this decal is repositionable and reusable, whereas most other
birch tree decals are not due to all the holes cut into the tree itself. Other
decals require transfer tape to hold the decal together. This decal is simply
peel and stick! It looks like it is painted on the wall.

- Each birch tree is 101" tall
- There are 4 options (2 trees, 3 trees, 4 trees, and 5 trees)
- there are 8 birds and one birdhouse (which are optional add-ons)

If you would like to order deer with this decal, order here:

[ *** COLOR MY DECAL*** ]

Use COLOR MY DECAL to see what the decal will look like on your wall color.
You can change the color of the tree, the notches, the leaves, the birds, and
the house with a click of a button and INSTANTLY see the decal in your color.
Just copy and paste the address below for the number of trees you want into
your browser's address line. Click on the swatches on the right, choose the new
color, then copy and paste the color selections when finished into the notes on
your order.

2 Birch Tree Decal


3 Birch Tree Decal


4 Birch Tree Decal


5 Birch Tree Decal


NOTE: When using the Color My Decal program it is highly recommended that you
use Google Chrome. Internet Explorer and Firefox have several issues with
displaying the decals correctly.

[*** COLORS ***]

If you want to know EXACTLY how the colors of your decal will look we
encourage you to buy a color chart for $1.50. It’s printed on the decal
material and can also server as a test decal for the fabric material. The
colors on your monitor are not guaranteed to match the colors that are printed
for your decal. If you want to be sure you are choosing the correct colors for
you decal, please purchase the color chart below.

Purchase the color chart here

Custom colors are not refundable or exchangable for a different color. Stock
decal colors may not be on the chart.

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