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light brown
medium brown
dark brown
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***FACE MASK REQUEST: If you are wanting a face mask added, I do not offer
them on Etsy unless the listing has them shown. You can order through my
website where those options are available for $3:
This item is NOT considered custom. Hair color change is INCLUDED. The $7.50
OPTION is when Bert copies a head shot of the person after you have sent the
image in a conversation. The BASIC (no charge) hair style is men’s parted on
the side and the ladies hair will be to the shoulder.
1. Gender
2. Skin tone: Caucasian, African American, Mixed, Hispanic, other (specify)
3. Saying on the graphic – name, year, etc.
4. Book to place in hands?
5. Does he/she wear glasses? YES or NO
6. Sending headshot - YES or NO. If YES, did you click the CUSTOM HAIRSTYLE
I have been sculpting from polymer clay since 1985. Each ornament is made to
order and are approximately 4" to 6" tall x 3" wide depending upon design.
All of my designs are original and each year new collections are added. Enjoy
Each listing contains material which is owned by or licensed to Bert’s Clay
Creations Studio, LLC. This material includes, but is not limited to, the
design, the artwork, images, photographs and text and may not be copied,
reproduced, distributed or displayed without Bert’s Clay Creations Studio,
LLC’s written permission.
NOTE: Items in my shop are not recommended for children 5 years of age and
under as they may be a choking hazard.

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