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Bugatti Ecological wall clock Motorcycle Garage Bar Man

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Ecological wall clock
ALL seeing eye
Natural, warm wall clock with a real wood motif. This decoration will warm up
any interior. Cute black hands complete the work of warm yet modern design.


material: pine wood plywood
color: raw wood
mechanism: flowing - VERY SILENT - no ticking effect
Included: Beautiful clock + AA battery

Original wooden wall clock with engraving.
A wooden wall clock with an engraving depicting a Scandinavian deer is a great
idea for a gift that you can give to a loved one. A wall clock is a unique
opportunity to diversify the decoration of your home. It's also a great idea to
give a clock as a gift.

Our CLOCKS - we are the producer
Our office clocks, kitchen clocks, clocks for children and clocks for the
living room are characterized by minimalism and simplicity. Nevertheless, they
have a modern design that gives the rooms an amazing atmosphere. What's more,
these are products that are distinguished by high quality and timelessness. We
use the best materials to create them. If you choose our modern wall clocks,
you can be sure that they will serve you for years.

Firstly, simplicity, naturalness and universality Secondly, subdued colors
and, above all, distinctive design. Clocks in this style are made of natural
materials such as raw, light wood, maintaining their original shade.

Wood is one of the oldest finishing materials that never go out of fashion. It
fits perfectly into any interior and is a good combination with other
materials. Choosing a wooden wall clock will be a good and safe solution.

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