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Christmas Tree Topper, Turquoise Holiday Angel, Brunette Angel Treetopper, From Our House To Yours

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Here is a beautiful Christmas Angel Tree Topper! This Holiday beauty is
dressed in my two tiered gown trimmed on both tiers with a pretty turquoise
blue trim. She has a silver wedding dress applique and cascading ribbons to one
side of the gown. Her bodice is accented with a rhinestone heart and trim. Her
pretty face and blonde porcelain hair is enhanced by her rhinestone earrings
and necklace. She wears a faux halo of turquoise sequin and bliss trimming. She
has sparkling turquoise wings.

This angel is handmade, 15 inches tall, porcelain from the waist up and built
on a sturdy pressed board cone.

This porcelain beauty is ready to join in with your lovely turquoise holiday
decorations and crown a tree filled with this color choice. Silver baubles,
rhinestone dangles and all shades of turquoise ornaments will create a lovely
holiday. She is a one of a kind "Turquoise Beauty" design.

She comes with free personalization. Put what you would like to say in the
notes box at check out and and it will be on her wrist when she arrives.

She is a handmade one of a kind "Turquoise Christmas Beauty" design.

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