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Curly Walnut - clock

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This beautiful clock and base are made from curly black walnut. The defining
characteristic of curly black walnut grain is the fascinating design of its
grain pattern that manages to create an interesting illusion of a
three-dimensional pattern in which it appears that the grain is curling. The
exact reason for the irregular growth of fiber cells inside black walnut tree’s
heartwood is not known.

The clock face is 9 1/4'" by 4 3/4" and the base is 4 3/4" long and 1 3/4"
wide. The hours are marked with holly plugs with the 12 o'clock plug being the
largest. The clock can be removed from the base and hung on a wall or left in
the base as a mantle or desk clock. A built-in hanger on the back of the clock
movement allows for easy yet securable hanging. The silent non-ticking clock
movement is powered by a AA battery. Battery not included.

Do not adjust the time setting by directly moving the clock hands. Rotate the
white gear on the back of the clock to adjust the time setting.

Please note this listing is for the clock only. Items shown in photos with the
clock are for display purposes only.

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Brand JRWoodworks