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Echo of Deco Art Deco Inspired Manhattan Wall Clock

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This is a stylish and attractive ceramic wall clock in our unique Art Deco
inspired Manhattan design. This clock has been glazed in a combination of our
own Pairs White glaze with contrasting hand decorated highlights of black and
green which together just screams out 1920's Jazz Age and complements the
geometric design of this time piece very well.

The inspiration for this distinctive wall clock comes from combining the
aspirant feeling of the roaring twenties with the exciting Art Deco skyline of
Manhattan, New York. Due to the limited space available and booming economy
higher and higher skyscrapers were being built in New York during the first
years of the 20th Century. These tall structures were of such a size and
proximity that they blocked out the daylight reaching the streets below,
reducing the general quality of life for the cities inhabitants. In 1916 a
zoning law was passed in certain districts, which restricted a buildings height
to its plot size. As a result the high rise skyscrapers built during the 1920's
and 30's were creatively designed to be stepped back in accordance with the new
law. This is the reason the city of Manhattan has its distinctive Architecture
and iconic Art Deco skyline. Our Manhattan wall clock incorporates this idea
with its characteristic layered fan design.

This piece of individual ceramic art was handmade and designed by ourselves at
the 'Echo of Deco' Studio / Art Pottery in the Uk. Founded by the British
ceramic design team Russell and Malcolm Akerman the Echo Of Deco studio is a
contemporary ceramic studio specialising in designing and individually
handmaking original ceramic objects inspired by the classic Art Deco style. We
have many collectors in Canada, America and Europe as well as all over the UK,
and our work has been featured in various leading magazines.

All our work is traditionally hand made in very small numbers and only by
ourselves at our studio pottery in the UK. Echo Of Deco is naturally becoming
well known for its artistic quality & originality in design, and there is
little doubt that these wonderful pieces will become very collectable and
increasingly sought after.

This clock is fitted with a quality German Made UTS silent clock unit powered
by one standard AA size battery.

The height of this clock is approx. 22cm (8.75") by 17cm (6.75") wide.

This sale also includes an attractive and collectable Echo Of Deco hand signed
and date numbered certificate of authenticity.

Individually handmade and hand decorated by ourselves at our pottery in the UK.

This particular wall clock was decorated by Russell Akerman.

Hand signed by the maker and bears the distinctive Echo of Deco back stamp for

We have many collectors from all around the world and can ship to any country.

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