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Gold Color Decorative Wall Clock, Plexi Mirror, GEOMETRIC DEER PICTURE,Roman Numerals

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30X30 cm
40X40 cm
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60X60 cm
SKU : es-124750393 Category : Clocks

GEOMETRIC DEER PICTURE wall clock makes a bold statement and can be used for
any living/working space ( Living room, kitchen, bedroom, office ect.)
Sturdy all-natural wood with industrial metal frame to complete the look.
Smooth, durable finish created with only natural oils, which prevents dust and
Requires 1x AA battery.
And of course, like all our other wall clocks from the collection, everything
is handmade,

Exceptional design and appearance - This wall clock will leave a strongly
positive impression on anyone and compliments other naturistic, modern or
rustic decor very well. The design is simple yet delicate and sophisticated,
bringing an element of nature to your home or workspace.

Silent yet powerful - Though it is non-ticking and makes no noise, it's
presence as "just a clock" can be quite intimidating, in a good impressive way.
Numerics you would normally see on your average clock have been replaced with
our industrial metal to fit with the outside of the border and overall design.

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Brand Sanatopia