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Hiking Time Day of the Dead Mexican Talavera Tile

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Are you up for a hike? Do you like nature and the fresh air of the mountains?
Celebrate your hobby with this unique tile! This tile is raised and
hand-painted. This is a colorful tile celebrating the day of the dead. In
traditional Mexican culture people go to graveyards on the day of the dead
(November 2nd), place food and meet at the place where their dead relatives

The origins of this design began with Jose Guadalupe Posadas (1852 – 1913) a
Mexican lithographer from the 18th century who popularized the skeleton
cartoons which were later transformed into lithographs. The main purpose of his
work was political. The Catrina is a satirization of the upper class women
during the 19th century, during Porfirio Diaz reign. Later on, his work was
associated with the Mexican holiday "Dia De Los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead".

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