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Huge Sleigh Bell Vintage Christmas Bell Polar Gift Antique Size 12

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Antique Polar Express Bell First Gift Christmas Believe

A Genuine Sleigh Bell from the 1800's.

The really nice thing about these particular bells is that they are genuine
sleigh bells from the mid- 1800's. They have been stored indoors since the
early 1930's, when our family sold our dairy farm. The patina they acquired is
beautiful and fairly even. They have a soft glow that a lot of the other real
bells do not have. Some do have a darker patina, as we think they were outside
more, and this will be noted.

Each bell has a piece of "reindeer harness" (genuine leather, in black or
brown, suede or leather) attached, just like in the Polar Express story. Each
year, the "First Gift of Christmas', is given to only one very, very, special
child, by Santa himself, and only to those who believe in the 'magic of
Christmas'. In the story, the boy chosen asks for one of Santa's reindeer's
sleigh bells as his gift. (We choose not to ruin the story)

Many of the other so-called "Polar Express" bells are new bells, imported, and
not well made; or they are not genuine sleigh bells. While many of the imported
bells are shiny, they are not old. The bells we offer may actually increase in
value, and when your child becomes an adult, the bell can become a beautiful
tree ornament, and something to be passed on to your children's children.

Each bell rings beautifully and has the original clapper, and they are not
cracked unless noted.

Some have what are termed 'casting flaws' which just means that there may be a
hole in the metal on a few, or the 'eyes' may not be perfectly finished.
However, these were made to be used, not win a 'perfection' contest. Plus, the
story is about 'belief', and the magic of Christmas. Perfection is not a
something that is to be expected- that in and of itself is a wonderful lesson
for a child! Cracks and damage will be noted below.

The bell shown is the actual bell you will receive. The prices vary according
to the condition, size, and sound.

These bells are the real deal!

THIS BELL IS HUGE! The bell size is 12, 3" tall and 2 3/4" wide, a very
beautiful bell.

Bell number 12A-FRB

This bell has an actual piece of the harness it was attached to when it was
worn by the horses drawing the sleigh. There is an 'S' hook holding the bell to
the leather. It could be removed if the bell is to be hung, but we will leave
that up to you.

This particular bell is fairly shiny, with a soft glow. It could be polished
more, just let us know, but that could lessen the value. There are no cracks or
holes, very rare in this size, and it has a beautiful patina, and a LOUD, LOUD
tonal, brassy bright ring. It's pretty amazing.

We have vintage antique bells in other sizes and conditions. All quantities
are limited, when they are gone, we cannot get any more. Prices go up as the
size of the bell goes up, and according to condition. However, if you are
interested in other sizes not listed, please convo us, as we may not have
listed all the bells.

If you would like to see a short video, showing one bell, (not this one)
please follow this link:


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