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Little Mermaid Ursula Christmas Stocking

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This Ursula Sea Witch inspired Christmas Stocking is inspired by the movie
Little Mermaid. It has an applique of the Villain Ursula's famous Poor
Unfortunate Souls quote. It was hand made by the Designers from Wonderland
Corsets. It measures 14" long and 8" wide. Its made with various fabrics and
gorgeous trims, and a loop for hanging. It has a curled toe like an Elf's shoe.
The stocking is partially stuffed with batting to maintain its shape. There is
approximately 9" of open space for you to fill with Christmas Goodies!

These are not your typical size stockings. These are meant for show and the
special treasured gifts for you or your loved ones. Perfect for Jewelry, gift
cards, cash... You know it's the little things in life that matter.

"They weren't kidding when they called me a Witch!" - Ursula

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Brand BeyondWonderlandCo