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Maroon Bells Colorado Wall Clock on Handmade Canvas Modern Art Real Functioning Clock for Home and Office Silent Non-ticking Mechanism

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Wall clock on stretched large size canvas panel. Wall clock canvas giclee
painting are ready to hang. Modern art print and contemporary painting with
clock for your wall home decor.
1. Choose your canvas size in the drop down menu.
2. Choose the Material for printing and the design option
3. Add your personalization
-Please leave your phone number for postal services.
4. Press "Add to Cart"
5. Process the order via Paypal or Credit Card.

1)"Stretched" – canvas print that has been stretched over a timber frame and
is ready to hang straight on the wall.

When printing on canvas, we add 2 inches (5 cm), on each side, for stretching
on the frame
When printing on paper, on each side there will be fields of 0.5 cm for the
If you're buying a frame 1" (2.5 cm) is added due to the size of the frame.
If you need a special size or design, feel free to contact us any time. Any
custom sizes are available, just send a request for the size you need.
Order size
Sizes specification Width x Height (inches | cm):
2 Panels Total 24"х16" (each 16"x12") | 60x40cm (40x30cm)
2 Panels Total 36"x24" (each 24"x18") | 90x60cm(60x45cm)
2 Panels Total 54"x36" (each 36"х27") | 135x90cm (90x67.5cm)
2 Panels Total 60"х40" (each 40"x30") | 150x100cm (100x75cm)
3 Panels Total 48"x32" (each 32"x16") | 120x80cm (80x40cm)
3 Panels Total 60"x40" (each 40"x20") | 150x100 (100x50cm)
3 Panels Total 72"x48" (each 48"x24") | 180x120cm (120x60cm)
3 Panels Total 90"x60" (each 60"x30") | 225x150cm (150x75cm)
4 Panels Total 48"x34" (30"x12"- 2 panels ; 30"x6"- 2 panels) | 120x85 cm
(75x30 - 2 panels, 30x15 - 2 panels)
4 Panels Total 64"x44" (40"x16 - 2 panels ; 28"x16" - 2 panels) | 160x110 cm
(100x40 - 2 panels, 70x40 - 2 panels)
4 Panels Total 80"x54" ( 48"x20" - 2 panels ; 30"x20" - 2 panels) | 200x135 cm
(120x50 - 2 panels, 75x50 - 2 panels)
4 Panels Total 96"x64" ( 56"x24" - 2 panels ; 32"x24" - 2 panels) | 240x160cm
(140x60cm - 2 panels, 80x60 - 2 panels)
5 Panels Total 40"x24" (24"x8" - 1 panel ; 20"x8" - 2 panels ; 16"x8" - 2
panels) | 100x60cm (60x20 - 1 panel ; 30x20 - 2 panels ; 40x20 - 2 panels
5 Panels Total 60"x40" (12"x40" - 1 panel ; 32"x12" - 2 panels ; 24"x12" - 2
panels) | 150x100cm (100x30 - 1 panel ; 80x30 - 2 panels ; 60x30 - 2 panels
5 Panels Total 80"x54" (54"x16" - 1 panel ; 48"x16" - 2 panels ; 36"x16" - 2
panels) | 200x135cm (135x40 - 1 panel ; 120x40 - 2 panels ; 90x40 - 2 panels
5 Panels Total 100"x60" (60"x20- 1 panel ; 48"x20 - 2 panels ; 36"x20" - 2
panels) | 250x150cm (150x50 - 1 panel ; 120x50 - 2 panels ; 90x50 - 2 panels)

Size may vary depending on the dimensions of the original.
IMPORTANT: Final product sizes may vary (1 to 2 inches) due to the proportions
of the original image. If you already have a frame for the product or if you
plan to buy a standard frame, please write a note with your order (the
dimensions) and we will customize the product.
- Giclée liquid Canvas Varnish
- Metal hands (Hour hand length 3.6" (9cm); Minute hand length 4.8"(12cm);
Second hand length 5.6"(14cm))
- Quartz mechanism
- Silent clock motor with non-ticking sound
- For indoor use only
- Requires one AA battery (NOT included)
- Canvas.
A matte, bright white, inkjet canvas which is completely seedless for near
perfect photographic reproductions.
- Fine Art Paper.
Smooth, natural white, inkjet coated watercolor paper designed for value
orientated high volume printers using pigmented inks.
- Epson UltraChrome HDR represents Epsons latest generation of pigment ink
- EPSON SureColor SC-P9000 Violet 10 Colour - 44" The SC-P9000V is a 44-inch,
10-colour professional printer and proofer supported by calibration and colour
verification to deliver the most accurate colours on the market
By default, we cover the canvas with water-based varnish, if you do not need
it - write to us.
Usually it takes from 1 to 3 working days to manufacture and package your
order.We're beginning to process your order as soon as payment is received.
We're shipping as soon as painting is manufactured.
To make sure your painting is safe it is packed in bubble wrap and tube or
As soon as your painting is sent customer will be provided with a tracking

FREE shipping:
Estimated shipping times:
North America: 6 - 9 business days
Europe: 3 - 8 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 6 - 13 business days
Asia Pacific: 5 - 12 business days
Latin America and the Caribbean: 6 - 9 business days
The buyer is responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We
are not responsible for the delays due to customs.
If you're buying this painting as a gift, we can ship it to the address of the
recipient of your gift.
K I N D L Y - N O T E
The colors on your monitor may differ from the colors of the final product
printed on canvas or on paper.
AA battery required(not included).
The size of the frame on which the canvas is stretched, cannot significantly
differ from the dimensions mentioned above.
Please get in touch if you have questions, comments or special requests of any

Thank you for visiting our store.

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