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Moroccan Fish Scale tile, 1 square foot 12 tile orange, handmade relief tile, for fireplace, kitchen or bath

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What it is- One square foot of orange handmade, relief Moroccan fish scale
tile . Also called, dragons scale, fan tile, peacock, mermaid and clam shell

What's if for? These tile are for fireplaces kitchen or bath. You can use it
for effect in a small area, for the back-splash or use to cover an entire wall.
They can be installed horizontally, vertically , diagonally .

Size- They are 6" x 5"and 3/8" thick. 8 tile make 1 square foot

Glaze- These tile are glazed with a rich glossy orange glaze called Salmon
semi-transparent glaze.

Origin- These tiles are made by the artist in Oregon, USA with American made
Clay and glaze

THE LOOK- The Moroccan Fish Scale shape in tile originated from the middle
east before Islam . Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

This tile shape has been called Moroccan Fish Scales, Peacock tile, Fan tile
or Clam shell tile. Whatever you choose to call them, bloggers are calling them
the "new subway". Yes, while subway tile may be classic and historic, Moroccan
Fish scale as a tile shape is actually ancient . They are one of the many
geometric shapes that come to us from the Moorish culture. This design is very
popular now in tile and fabrics.

UNIQUE- These Moroccan fish scale tile are different from the rest. They have
a 3D raised relief pattern which really makes them stand out among the other
Moroccan shaped tile on the market. They are handmade in Oregon.

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