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Rainbow Expansion / Wood wall clock / 35 x 35 cm/ Geometric mosaic / Unique design Liliana Stoica / Manualy Painted / 7 years art & design

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Rainbow Expansion – “ Effect” Collection 2019 - / Wood wall clock
3D Art Deco Geometric Modern Mosaic Acrylic Painting Collage

Over 5 years we create visual effects through geometric shapes, contrasts, and
tridimensional depts. Each piece reflects emotions, thoughts about a journey in
becoming aware of our story and our story of the great journeys to be discover.

The name of the new collection “Effects” sums up our customer’s feedback,
being either a reaction of happiness, or a state of relaxation or even a boost
of energy, always being acknowledge as special pieces, a certain Effect.

But the Effect its’a result from a beCause. A new life milestone success, a
new house, a new job, a relationship, or sometimes just that spot when you get
aware that a change will do you good, that soul state, when that cause is
getting align with the strong impression of the new clocks. A noble
scenography, with painting details, that magic, that effect which an inspiring
art pieces can empathize.
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Massive wood cut it in geometrical pattern, manual painted and assembled to a
solid wood board, with an abstract vision for shapes and shadows.
The wood canvas has a wood frame mounted on the backside, that gives the
artwork a "floating" effect when is hanged.
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We can make custom Clocks, just tell what colors moves you and what pattern is
adequate for your space - circles, triangles, squares, ripples.
The model form the photo it is a prototype, being a manual work process, the
one made to order, will have slightly differences, colors and wood fiber,
however a one of a kind!
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We ship worldwide via National Post Office, between 3-10 days depending on
location and seasons, holydays.
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About Deco Box - Atelier for 3D wood decorative art, paintings and clocks, LED
lighting. All authentic, modern, handmade, vibrant bold colors, abstract and
zoomorphic shapes.
The team includes valuable masters in wood carving, with experience in major
refurbishing projects for important castles from Romania, Peles, Mogosoaia.
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