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Resin art wall square clock ocher, grey, gold and white wall art with natural stones Large wall clock Office wall decor

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12x12"(30x30cm) inches
14x14"(35x35cm) inches
16x16"(40x40cm) inches
18x18"(45x45cm) inches
20x20"(50x50cm) inches
22x22"(55x55cm) inches
24x24"(60x60cm) inches
arabic numerals
roman numerals
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The picture is absolutely stunning 20x20 inches (50x50cm) resin art square
clock. Ocher, gold, orange, grey and white wall art with natural stones can be
great office wall decor.

You can order your size: 12 inches (30cm), 14 inches(35cm), 16 inches (40 cm),
20 inches ( 50cm) , 22inches (55cm),or 24 inches (60cm).

The colours can be different: white, gold, rose, grey, black etc. The clock
goes with the working mechanism. The numbers and arrows can be silver, gold,
white or black. The base of the clock is made of pressed wood. The reverse side
consists of a metal mount on a wooden canvas. The product has a silent
movement, it needs a battery AA, which does not go with the clock because some
customs can stop the package because of it.

Clock numbers and hands are made of special mirror acrylic.

IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging of clock’s hands, they are placed separately from
the clock. The instruction on how to set up the time will be inside the box.
To prevent yellowing of resin, avoid excessive UV/sunlight.

PRODUCT CARE: In order not to scratch the resin, you need to wipe with
microfibre and in no case rub with aggressive chemicals.

MATERIALS: MDF, pigments, non-toxic resin, acrylic accessories.

NOTE: In case of the large size of the package, you can pay customs duties and
import taxes. The amount of taxes depends on the laws of your country. Buyers
are responsible for any taxes that may apply.

I try to make every my decor with love and make it unique, so the process of
making my clocks takes me 1-3 weeks.

SHIPPING by: UPS Express, FedEx and others all around the world. I will ship
from Ukraine, if it's an international order, most packages arrive within 7-15

Due to the differences between different monitors, the picture may not reflect
the actual colour of the item.

If you could give me a positive feedback, I would appreciate it. Do not
hesitate to contact me in case of any questions. For custom orders please
message the shop owner (me :)

Thank you for your time.

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