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Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, Bible verse, Religious, Church, teen wall decal vinyl wording ROM12V2-0001

$25 $ 17.5
Middle Grey
Warm Grey
Silver (metallic)
Gold (metallic)
Dark Brown
11"H x 36"W inches
12"H x 39"W inches
13"H x 42.5"W inches
14"H x 46"W inches
15"H x 49"W inches
16"H x 52"W inches
17"H x 55.5"W inches
18"H x 59"W inches
19"H x 62"W inches
20"H x 65.5"W inches
21"H x 69"W inches
22"H x 72"W inches
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Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind - Romans 12:2


* Removable vinyl wall decal
* Colors can be selected from color palette from photo listing
* Any sample photo used is for illustrative purposes and may NOT be to scale!
Measure area to ensure good fit. Custom sizing is available, please convo for


*Please select COLOR and SIZE upon checkout

**NOTE** Sizes larger than 22"H will come in 2 pieces with guides to assist in
installation and leveling.


* Apply decals in area that is out of reach of small children.
* This product is one time application. The decals are removable, but not
* Due to condition and age of walls prior to application, small damage may
occur upon removal
* Our decals are made with high quality removable vinyl and are custom cut
when purchased.
* Our removable high quality matt vinyl decals when applied to the wall look
painted on!
* Removable wall decals can be applied to almost all clean, smooth, dust and
grease free surface.
* Please wait at least 3 weeks after painting walls to allow the paint to cure.
* We recommend installation to smooth, semi-gloss or gloss enamel paint. Avoid
matte finish Latex paints and paints that contain anti-graffiti agents or stain
blockers as well as Low VOC or VOC free paints, sand paints and suede paints.
(please Convo for a test decal to try if you are concerned about it adhering)
* Not recommended for application to unpainted wood, textured walls, stucco,
concrete, brick or over grout lines.
* Included in your order is a FREE test decal as well as detailed step-by-step
* Please see our policies section prior to purchase

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