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Weight: 250 gr
Height: 16 cm
Length: 14 cm

The material of our product is brass and it is handmade.

After your orders are purchased, they are delivered to the cargo on the same
day. Arrives in 1-3 days (this may be delayed by 2-3 days due to covid).

The material of our product is brass and it is handmade.
Handmade from the finest copper, Realcopperarts offer you unprecedented
craftsmanship with a lifetime of durability.
Turkey and you can reach us via email or öncüleriyiz.iste of copper products
business in the world, we can produce the product you want.
We do not do simple personalization with laser, instead we do custom handmade
For bulk orders, please contact us: realcopperarts [!at] gmail.com

Unique Retro Design: An impressive handmade hammered round-shaped patterned
design with an impressive shine. The tray has an eye-catching look as a serving
tray or a decorative item for your home, kitchen or bar. It gives the feeling
of nostalgic old times. It also has two brass handles for easy holding.

Versatile: You can use our tray to serve a wide variety of food at parties,
celebrations and more. You can also use this tray outdoors. It can be used at
home, hotel, office, store, restaurant, etc. It can be used as a stylish
decoration piece.

Trendy: In the past, people lived longer, got sick less, and lived more
stress-free and happier. Usually they used copper pots for cooking, serving,
eating and drinking. Today, the use of copper pots in kitchens, cafes, bars,
restaurants and hotels has become fashionable. In addition, its unique bright
copper color adds elegant depth to any interior. More durable, long-lasting and
healthier than other materials.

Unique Gift: You can send it to your loved ones as a unique, original gift. A
stylish product to be gifted to boyfriend, girlfriend, new home owners. The
most stylish gift for Christmas and Halloween.

Copper has been used for thousands of years throughout history. Ancient
Egyptians and Romans understood copper's natural antimicrobial properties. They
used it to make hand tools, ornaments and weapons, as shown in museums all over
the world. Copper is durable, natural, earth-friendly, reusable, recyclable and

Healthy: Physically, copper is said to improve blood circulation, increase
energy, detoxify, reduce inflammation, stabilize metabolism and improve oxygen
The latest health claim says drinking water from a copper bowl improves health
by reducing inflammation, supporting brain function, helping weight loss,
slowing aging, fighting cancer, and acting as an anti-microbial.

The tray will look shiny as soon as it's unpacked and will form a unique
patina over time, or you can keep it shine by rubbing the tray with a little
salt on a lemon slice and buffing it with a soft cloth.

Instructions for use:
• Do not use when the tin peels off
• Do not allow water to come into contact with bleach.
• Clean by hand and avoid the dishwasher
• Avoid using anything with high acidity in copper.
• Do not touch the inside of the mug with metal
• Dry with a soft cloth
• Do not use in microwave
• Copper color can be oxidized due to the nature of copper mine.
• Copper can lose its shine and shine over the years, you can use copper
cleaner, brightener or just polish it using ketchup.

Since it is not a fabrication product and is handcrafted, differences can be
seen in each product.
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hear from you.
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