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Small cracked concrete wall clock with Scandinavian moss, Bright concrete clock, Wall decoration

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A handmade round wall clock, made of the best quality concrete (natural
concrete color).

Clock has crack covered with real reindeer lichen, which imitates natural
crevices of wall or pavement, where plants grow.
Reindeer lichen is a kind of plant (exactly a symbiotic mix of algae and
fungi) which takes the water from the air. You don't need to water it! Even
after years it won't change and will look the same :)

It has well quality, silent mechanism and simple, gold color hands of clock.

Diameter of clock is about 17 cm (abt 6,8 inch), weight- 0.7 kg. The clock has
a strong and durable hanger, which ensures securely fastening to any wall.

I make each piece myself, with special care. I use only hand tools without any
advanced technology. Thanks to that each clock has special characters like air
bubbles or discolorations. It makes it unique.

At every stage of my work, I try to use as much ecological solutions as it is
possible. I pack everything myself, using only natural and biodegradable
materials: cardboard boxes, coconut fiber and wood chips filling and hemp
twine. Thanks to this, everything is transported safely and

*As it is handmade it can differ a little from the one presented on the photo.

The colors and shades on photos may differ depending on the device you use
(smartphone, personal computer, etc) and its display settings. The real shade
of clock is the natural, light-gray color of the concrete :)

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Brand JoannaKomorowska