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The Doors Laser Cut Vinyl Record Clock LP - Jim Morrison Wall Clock Gift - The Doors Gift - Doors Band - The Doors Band Poster Shirt

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Hi, my name is Melda from Istanbul, Turkey.
We are small family business with my husband and my designer sister. And
also,so excited because we're new on Etsy. Our shop has no comments or rating
yet...Even, please give a chance and choose us! Thus, you could support our
entrepreneurship and contribute to the development of our business. We promise,
you will not regret it! :)

(Our prices would be a little higher for you than other shops. Unfortunately,
it's all about shipping costs-from Turkey. )

A Vinyl The Doors Wall Clock could be an alternatine more impressive and make
happier then a t shirt, a poster, an album, a wall art or a poster...Producing
a LP clock is needed labour as much as other alternatives.

With our wall clock, you would make surprise a The Doors or Jim Morrison fun
your loved, then just see the smile on her/his face! Or just a little gift
yourself to use at the office or home...

*Clocks produced by us and they have their own story as used in past. That's
why, there would be inconspicuous scraths on it.

*Size: 12 in (30 cm)

*Mechanism: Best quality mechanism from Turkey and it is slient. (Unless
tiktak sound)

*Hanger: The mechanism is included it.

*Battery: is not included because of international shipping rules.

*Producing time: Even we marked Etsy system as in 1-3 business day, mostly we
produce in 1 business day. However, we could not give %100 guarantee.

*Shipping: We use UPS. Even Etsy system states UPS delivery time 2-5 days; our
UPS system is delivered products on 2nd working day (for US)-If there is no
problem. Almost you could get clocks in 4-5 working days.

*Package: In fitted polystyrene for avoid damage. You would see on photos.

*A little surprise gift from us: If we give information, this will be not "a
surprise" :) You could see that when you open package box!

If you have any question please just send message. We are very quick to reply

- Melda

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