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Vintage clock rectangular silent wall clock "Golden Black"

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Vintage clock rectangular silent wall clock "Golden Black"

Max height: 20.5 cm
Max width: 24 cm
Dial diameter : 17.5 cm
Depth: 4 cm
Needles: golden

You remember the formica clocks of our grandparents. Or parents; )
The famous tic... tock... which resonates in moments of silence...
Here they are again today revisited by me!
I start by second-handing them one by one in garage sales, recyclers, flea
markets or directly at private homes.
What I like is that they are all different!

I disassemble them entirely to clean them and polish their brass or silver
To preserve your tranquility, I chose a silent quartz mechanism.
Mechanism that works with a simple 1.5V LR6 AA battery.
A knob is used to adjust the hands to adjust the time. I install a closed hook
on the back of the clock. You can hang it on a nail or screw previously
installed in the desired place.

In all your living rooms, in your entrance, your bedroom, your office and you
will be sure to always be on time!

This model caught my attention with its rectangular format and black rounded
Favorite also for its black encrypted dial and its removable brass dial!
To say goodbye to the brown formica, I dressed it with a golden gingko pattern
wallpaper on a black background.

Notice to lovers of ancient and unusual objects!
Here is a unique object to personalize your interior and give it a good touch
of originality.

I would carefully pack your item so that it travels in the best conditions.
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