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Wall Clock, Kitchen Wall Clock, Yellow Clock, Art Glass Clock, Painted Clock, Yellow Glass Art, Banana Decor, House Wall Decor, Modern Clock

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10”/ 25 cm
20'/50cm tempered gl
No hour markers
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Rustic Banana Yellow Glass Clock, Small Wall Clock, kitchen clock, House
Clock, Silent Clock

♡ Initially I drew this model as part of a picture then I decided to use it
for a clock model and made some colour, shape and texture varieties.

⚜ Enjoy this virtually weightless piece of glass art made to bring joy to your
heart! My artistic creations feature a plethora of striking colors and
eye-catching designs that will breathe a new life to your interior.

Finishing Hand Painted Glass Clock for wall and home decor. Unique
minimalistic glass wall clock design.After picking the kind of the glass
(sandy, relief, mat, colored, fused, circle or square, etc.) I place the Art
film – the initially hand drown picture, later digitally processed on photoshop
and printed on glass art film. Over the sticked art film I paint with acrylic
outliner a stroke and fill in the overlapping part with transparent mate paint
to create a realistic 3d view.

“Unique Rustic Banana Art Deco Glass Wall Clock” is fine and dandy accessory
immune to the time, preserving its value and beauty! It will bring elegance and
style at home or in the office. You could take it as a gift for those who
appreciate beautiful handmade things. This can be your special gesture of

Enjoy our elaborate glass creations! Surprise yourself and your loved ones!

⚜ The clock is assembled with a new silent quartz clock movement.
There's a heavy duty (triangle shaped) metal hanger on the upper side of the
mechanism for hanging.
The clock takes one "AA" 1,5V battery.(Sometimes the battery has to be pressed
a little bit stronger to get inside the compartment)

⚜ Due to the delicacy of our handmade glassware and for better safety while
traveling, you will receive an assembled watch with unmounted arrows and
detailed manual insertion instructions, as well as a link to a video tutorial.

*Keep in mind that this is a hand-crafted artwork, each piece is one-of-a-kind
and the item you will receive could slightly differ from the picture.

It takes from 3 to 5 days for your magical item to be made.

Orders are shipped via priority mail and arrive approximately within:
*1-2 weeks to Europe,
*2-3 weeks to USA and Canada
*3 weeks to Australia

The clock is available in sizes.
10”/ 25 cm
14"/ 36 cm
20”/ 50 cm
Material: Glass
Paints: Print on Self Adhesive Film, Glass Paint, Acrylic outliner & Acrylic
* You may order it in any colour.

All my items are hand-painted with acrylic or glass paints, with occasional
use of special printed foil.

⚜ milliart cares about the environment and my art is based on recycling
concept. Many of my glass pieces are made of recycled bottles and I believe
it's a pure and beautiful way to create art.

Your glass item is a living piece of art – please, avoid placing bigger pieces
on the direct sunlight. This may drastically change their colours.

⚜ If you have any questions, feel free to convo me! Keep exploring my art here:

Stay inspired,

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