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35 CM - 14 İnch
40 CM - 16 İnch
45 CM - 18 İnch
50 CM - 20 Inch
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Teddy Bear Glass Wall Clock - Tempered Glass Wall Clock

-Direct printing is done with a UV digital printing machine on first class
glasses with tempered edges that are 10 times more resistant to breakage than
normal glasses of 4 mm thickness.

-Glass wall clocks are extremely resistant to breakage due to being tempered,
and are sent with a special protected package.

-Glass wall clocks are prepared by direct UV printing on the glass surface
with a special technique, not by sticking a printed media to the glass.

-The printing of the glass wall clock is in the form of direct printing on the
back surface of the glass. In this way, the print stays behind the glass and
you see the high print quality with glass elegance. Different innovative
interior decoration solutions are offered with this stylish product, which is
extremely simple to mount on the wall.


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