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YELLOW Starburst CLOCK 23” handmade Mid Century Modern style wall art clock. Atomic style of George Nelson.

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Large 23” abstract YELLOW FACE Starburst whimsically clorful mid century
modern wall art clock, Hand Made and Hand painted. These individually made mid
century modern styled retro sunburst clocks are in the style of the famous
George Nelson Ball clock! the clock will arrive in the package unassembled.
If you have any questions about which clock you want please ask. I build and
Hand paint these Mid Century Modern Starburst Clocks. These brilliantly colored
orange, light blue, light green and black ball clocks are a large 20” x 23”
inches. My Starburst Ball Clocks are individually made to order, so if needed I
will customize the colors so the sculpture fits your color pallet and space.
To protect the clock and to save on shipping costs this clock requires quick
assembly before you can fully appreciate it’s Beauty. See the video in the
listing for easy assembly steps. Gently push and twist to insert the rods.
Evenly seat the clock hands snug and parallel so they will clear each other as
they rotate.
FREE shipping to continental USA! I do accept Returns, so buy with confidence!
Thank you for your interest in our MCM wall art sculptures.
Created by MCModerns.

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